Tabita Rezaire

Proyecto de artista

Deep Down Tidal, 2017

Deep Down Tidal explores transcoceanic networks examining the political and technological affects of water as a conductive interface for communication. From fibre optic cables to sunken cities, drowned bodies, hidden histories of navigation and sacred signal transmissions, the ocean is home to a complex set of communication networks. As modern information and communication technologies (ICT) become omnipresent in Western lifestyles – rebranded global to further implement Western domination – we urgently need to understand the cultural, political and environmental forces that have shaped them.

Deep Down Tidal enquires the intrictate cosmological, spiritual, political and technological entangled narratives sprung from water as an interface to understand the legacies of colonialism.

Mamelles Ancestrales, 2019

Drawing inspiration from the megalithic landscapes of Senegal andThe Gambia, spacedebris, archaeology, astronomy, numerology, theology and African understandings of the cosmos, Mamelles Ancestrales strives to establish pathways between heaven and earth, between the living and the dead, in a world where celestial bodies, mineral life and spirits sing together.

In Mamelles Ancestrales Rezaire investigates the quest of our ancestors and the Methods they used to understand and connect to the celestial realms in the face of Our contemporary drive for spatial conquest.

Mamelles Ancestrales (2019). Still de la película.
Mamelles Ancestrales (2019). Still de la película.

The film is theresult of the artist’s research and expeditions to fourme galithicsites: The stone circles of Sine Ngayene and Wanar in Senegal, and Wassu and Kerbatch inThe Gambia. Gathering stories from the guardians of the sites, local populations and other understandings from astronomers, archeologists, and theologians to unfold.

The mysteries of the thousands of stones circles scattered across Senegambia, Mamelles Ancestrales goes in pursuit of an ancient African Megalithic civilization so as to better understand our own. From petrified brides toburial sites, ancient observatories, ceremonial ground, haunted places, or energy device, for Rezaire the stone circles become the center of a scientific, mystic, and cosmologic research. This dance of circular and orbital geometries is imagined as a meditation on outer Space and a revelation of the communicative pathways between the cosmos and Human kind.

Orbit Diapason, 2021

Orbit Diapason draws inspiration and guidance from the stone circles of South Africa to dive into the realms of alien hood, mother hood and the poetics of invasion.

Bearing witness to our collective understanding and intimacy with sacred sites and extraterrestrial life, Orbit Diapason unfolds stories of the birth and waning of humanity in light of symbiotic relationships. Rezaire takes us on a journey through ecological, economic and intergalactic apocalypses, from alien invasion, bee extinction and invasive species, to examine our alienation to the earth and the spirit that we are.

More than anything Orbit Diapason is Rezaire’s love letter to South Africa, and a homage to spiritual teacher Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. May his teachings continue to guide and bless many.

Tabita Rezaire – Biografía

Tabita Rezaire is infinity longing to experience itself in human form. Her path as an artist, devotee, yogi, doula, and cacao farmer is all geared towards manifesting the divine in herself and beyond. As an eternal seeker, Tabita’s yearning for connection finds expression in her cross-dimensional practices, which envision network sciences –organic, electronic and spiritual– as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness.

Tabita is based in French Guiana, where she iscaring for AMAKABA a center for the arts of earth, body and sky. Tabita is devoted to becoming a mother to the world.

Her offerings have been shared widely – Centre Pompidou, Paris; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; MASP, São Paulo; Serpentine, London; MoMa, NY; New Museum, NY; Gropius Bau, Berlin; MMOMA, Moscow; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; ICA London; V&A London; National Gallery Denmark; The Broad LA; MoCADA, NY; Tate Modern, London; Museum of Modern Art, Paris – and presented for international biennales in Shanghai,  Guangzhou, Kochi, Athens, Helsinki, Busan, Berlin and Sydney.

She is represented by the Goodman Gallery.

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