Welcome Letter

Foto de Orlando Britto Jinorio, director del CAAM
Photo: Nacho González

Following a pause and a period of reflection on its new format, CAAM’s Atlántica. Revista de Arte y Pensamiento now returns in a new digital and online phase that will expand the journal’s scope of action.

This new model, which also encompasses its working method, lends special importance to the Editorial Board, which will oversee Editorial Coordination, a committee responsible for selecting the contents of its Journal section.

This dynamic will involve an ongoing dialogue between the Directorate of the CAAM, the Editorial Board of Atlántica and the art centre’s Research Laboratory, with the technical coordination of its Publications Department.

CAAM has invited a cross-section of renowned local, national and international experts in the arts and culture to join the new Editorial Board, currently comprising Eli Cortiñas, Ticio Escobar, Hans Michael Herzog, Marta Mantecón, Simon Njami, José Manuel Noceda, Nilo Palenzuela, Gabriela Salgado, Annabelle Teneze and Blanca de la Torre, thus ensuring manifold voices from practices cutting across curatorship, art criticism, art creation, literature and philosophy.

Prior to embarking on the first issues of this new phase, we decided to launch Issue Zero by way of introducing each one of the ten members of the new Editorial Board, who have freely chosen the format of the text with which they expound their personal lines of work and interests in contemporary art and culture.

As such, this Issue Zero serves as a presentation of Atlántica’s new phase which will focus on selecting themes, subject matters and contents from multiple perspectives in permanent dialogue. We will also contemplate the possibility of dedicating one or several issues to a specific thematic framework, or the Editorial Coordination may be offered to and taken on by external collaborators outside the Editorial Board itself, just as the Editorial Board may be expanded with the passing of time.

Atlántica will pay particular attention to the changing direction of contemporary artistic creation and thinking, and as the CAAM’s official journal it shall also act as a mouthpiece for the activities taking place at the museum.

CAAM’s Atlántica. Revista de Arte y Pensamiento expands its online reach with four basic sections or spaces on the CAAM webpage:

  1. Journal (Atlántica. Revista de Arte y Pensamiento) follows its conventional format in terms of numbers of essays, interviews, artist projects. The Editorial Coordination for each issue shall propose a selection of contents and invite contributions from up to seven experts and artists per issue.
  2. More Atlántica is primarily dedicated to interviews on video or streaming with leading figures from the arts and culture who visit us during the development of CAAM’s working programme or with others persons considered of interest.
  3. Atlántica Islands is a section set aside as a channel for the dissemination of the ongoing programmes of galleries, art and cultural institutions, and events in the field of contemporary art and culture in the Canary Islands, which will be progressively expanded to include other fields of interest in the islands.
  4. Atlántica International is a section set aside as a channel for the dissemination of major international events of interest in areas related with CAAM’s basic lines of action.

The CAAM Research Laboratory will be directly responsible for the Editorial Coordination of three of these sections (2, 3 & 4), which will also be fleshed out with contributions and suggestions from the Editorial Board.

We wish to express our most sincere gratitude to the members of the new Editorial Board, to all collaborators and to the whole team at CAAM who have made this exciting new phase of CAAM’s Atlántica. Revista de Arte y Pensamiento possible.

Orlando Britto Jinorio
Artistic Director, CAAM

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