Editorial Note

Issues number one and two of this latest phase of CAAM’s journal Atlántica are indebted to the joint curatorship of Ticio Escobar and Gabriela Salgado, both of whom are members of the journal’s Editorial Board. As coordinators of the issues they were responsible for choosing the conceptual framework and for selecting the contents, in keeping with Atlántica’s new working model.

Likewise, each successive issue will also include a section called Desde Canarias (From the Canaries) featuring a contribution in the form of an article, interview or artistic project, coordinated by CAAM’s Art Department within the framework of the art centre’s editorial and publishing remit.

Once again, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Ticio Escobar, Gabriela Salgado and to all the artists and authors who have collaborated in issues one and two of the new Atlántica.

Orlando Britto Jinorio
Artistic Director, CAAM

Original version

As an advance, we proceed to present the original version of the texts and projects of number 2 of Atlántica.

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